October 7, 2010

Living Life Well – Elegant Fireplaces

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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Design

Is it possible to have Fall fever?  If so, I think I have it.  The cooler weather is creeping into my memories and pulling me past to trips to Carmel & Napa.  Really, I’m ready to go and enjoy myself.  The cooler weather also seems to bring the anticipation of cold weather and all the things associated it with it.  For me, that is fireplaces.  Many people dream of skiing, well I stink at skiing – we won’t even go there!  While you a swooshing down the slope, you’ll find me with a book and a cup of tea, snuggled in a chair, next to a gorgeous fire.

And lest you think I’m not serious, I’ve been known to turn on the A/C to enjoy the fire, if it’s not cold enough.  So enjoy a little luxury and live your life well fireside.


Elegant fireplace by Savio Firmino



Filiofocus, by Focus Contemporary Fireplaces



Houston Interior Design

Snowmass Creek Home by K Studios


Need a place to curl up with a good book? Luxury For The Home creates little luxuries in your life, call 281-701-2461 to start living your dream.


October 6, 2010

Living Green: 10 Ways To Design Your Utility Room

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

Living green doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing and using green products.  You can live green by introducing organized functional design into a new or remodeled home.

After living in Sweden and sharing a laundry room with an entire apartment complex, my frame of mind needed to change.  Here I am forced to do laundry in a 3 hour time period and in a dark basement.  This situation inspired me to draw up a design for a fully functional and luxurious laundry room, one that includes plenty of storage, hanging room and folding space.  Think about how much time we spend on designing our kitchens with the proper workstations!  Why can’t we apply “workstations” to the laundry room and make doing the laundry more enjoyable?

10' x 10' Laundry room, interior design by Luxury For The Home. The photo above highlights the shelving unit (back), ironing board station (left), and the laundry sorting bins (right).

1. The shelving unit goes from floor to ceiling to give you a maximum amount of storage after having folded laundry!  You can also opt to make the shelves removable to transport the folded laundry to the proper rooms!

2. The ironing board is built into the countertop so you never have to get out and put away the ironing board ever again!

3. Try organizing your loads with multiple laundry bins and label them…L – Lights, W – Whites, D – Darks and C – Colors!

Here we focus on the washer/dryer, folding counter (left), hanging space and windows!

4. Consider the energy star washer/dryers that are front loaders and are raised with extra storage.

5. There is never enough space for folding!  Make the folding counter 30” deep instead of the standard 24”.

6. Hanging space is crucial, so make sure you have different levels and heights for all your clothes!  Windows will instantly brighten up the space and make doing laundry more enjoyable.

Make the sink area its own station (corner).

7. Putting in a deep and wide bathroom sink in the laundry room is easier on the eyes than one of those gigantic sink basins!  This adds quality and style to your laundry room.  Locating the sink under a window will brighten your mood every time you go to do laundry!

Last but not least, we look at an air drying section (back), ceiling, fan and clerestory window (top back).

8. You can install a rack directly to the wall for hang drying clothes that you don’t want to shrink or are too delicate to go in the dryer.  There is a drain directly underneath to collect dripping water.

9. Consider adding a recessed ceiling to give you and the room a little more breathing room!  The fan will circulate the air to speed up the air drying process.  Keeping cool is always a plus in the laundry room!

10. The clerestory window gives you the luxury of diffused light and you don’t have to deal with the sun making the laundry room hotter than it needs to be.

Are you ready to fall in love with your home again?  Luxury For The Home will design solutions to make your life easier.  Call 281-701-2461 to schedule your appointment.

October 5, 2010

DIY with Style – A Lovely Touch To Your Life

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by Leslie Hassler

Sometimes in order to do it yourself, you need a little inspiration and knowledge.  I thought I’d share with you some tips on floral arrangements from Jeanne Hyatt, owner of Sophie Dahy Designs.  You may have caught some of her beautiful creations on Facebook or on Twitter, but as lovely as they are – they simple couldn’t compare to Jeanne herself.

Jeanne Hyatt, owner & floral designer, Sophie Dahy Designs

So here are your tips for creating spectacular floral bouquets.

1. Where do you get your inspiration?

Gardens, magazines and books – I have stacks of them.  I look at my garden and the gorgeous gardens of my friends.  I also get inspiration from traveling and just looking at gorgeous flowers at market.

Garden inspiration from Jeanne's garden.

2.  When you select a silk floral, what do you look for?

I am constantly looking for the right flower and color combination.  It’s challenging to find them, but I look for color combination that you would see in real life.  I also find that how the floral feels is very important.  I want the floral to be realistic.

Houston Interior Design

Abraham Darbey roses from Jeanne''s garden

Houston Interior Design, floral arrangments Sophie Dahy

One of a kind pink & lenten roses in mercury glass at Sophie Dahy

3. How do you plan your creations?

Well that just depends.  Because I do one-of-a-kind bouquets, I don’t have to plan my work to be duplicated.  The season has something to do with it – fall looking colors – oranges, russets, warmer, richer colors.  Right now, I’m working with hydrangeas, but Amaryllis are coming, because that means holidays to me.

Move from Summer to Autumn with richer colors.

Sometimes I start with the container.  The shape and the color of the container just lends itself to certain flowers.

Houston Interior Design, Sophie Dahy, Floral arrangements

A lovely blue & white bouquet in lime green vase from Sophie Dahy Designs.

Other times, I will gather up flowers into a bouquet and then find the container to work with it. You need flexibility and to learn to follow your instincts.

Interior Design Houston, Sophie Dahy, Floral Arrangements

Mixed White Bouquet from Sophie Dahy Designs

4. How can we update our homes for the fall?

It’s easy!  Change your flowers.  Flowers in your home make a difference.  I like to think of the arrangements as bouquets because my composition is less structured.

Jeanne’s Tip: Mix good quality silk florals with real flowers.  The real flowers will give off a beautiful fragrance and make the silk florals seem even more realistic.

5. How should we care for them?

Silk florals are the easiest thing to take care of, they really are!  Many people think that they are fragile, but they aren’t.  In frequent dusting should be enough to maintain them.  The micro-fiber dust cloths are great to dust them with.  For storing, I would just loosely cover them with plastic or cloth and store in a closet.

Swiffer duster

6. What luxury tip would you share?

Silk florals are investments that last forever.  If I could only choose one, I would chose one for the dining room table or the entry table.  A place where it can be seen and be dramatic.

Example of dining table with fall bouquet.

Living life well is in the details from your front door to the floral arrangement on your table.  To find out how to live your life well, call Luxury For The Home at 281-701-2461 to schedule your appointment.

October 4, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Nurseries

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by Ali Adams

For the past year and a half my life has revolved around babies especially now that he is almost six months old.  Now three of my girl friends are going on round two and have asked me for ideas about nurseries.  Therefore here are few that have a great feel for a new baby and their families.

1.  Soft and Modern: I love this one because it is modern but still feels soft and touchable.

Soft and Modern featured in Coastal Living

2. Retro and Quirky: This is such a fun nursery with all of the bright colors and interesting wall art.  Definitely a place I would enjoy spending time in.

Retro Baby's Room by Frillie Designs

3. Feminine and Glamorous: I love this room because of its femininity.  The upholstered ceiling is a real treat.  It is a beautiful space for a baby girl to blossom.

Glamorous Modern by Little Crown Interiors

To bring some love and excitement to your future nursery, call Luxury For The Home, at 281-701-2461, for interior design expertise you can trust.

Simple Luxury


October 1, 2010

Fall in Love With Your House

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by Leslie Hassler

Falling in love with your house can be hard to do.  You see its weaknesses as you walk through the hall, notice where the crayon never really came off the wall.  And after a period of time that you only expected to be in your home for maybe 5 years, you are know thinking it is going to be at least another 5-10 years.

But you see you can fall back in love with your home.  How?  By camouflage the dark circles under its eye and by drawing attention to its better features.  So now it is time to give that home a bit of a makeover.  Enjoy these before and after stories and imagine the falling back in love with your home again.

Bellaire Home, Powder Bath, Interior Design Houston, Before and After

1990's Bath with Mauve Tile

Bellaire Home, Interior Design Houston

Elegance for entertaining, the Powder Bath after. Project by Leslie Hassler

Austin Interior Design, Interior design Houston

Shoalmont Before project by Laura Britt Designs

Houston Interior Design, Austin Interior Design

Living room transformation by Laura Britt Design, ASID 2010 Legacy Of Texas Award Winner

AD Before

Before project featured on Architectural Digest 2007.

After Photo

After project by Architecture by Arthur S. Pier, aia, of Pier, Fine Associates/Interior Design by Sandra Nunnerley, ASID

September 30, 2010

Living Life Well – The Front Entrance

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How many of you judge a book by its cover?  How about choose a wine by its label art?  Now you can be honest, we all do at one point or another.  So why don’t we pay a bit more attention to our home’s cover – the front door.  I love double door entries as long as they fit the scale of the home and I prefer that the door relate to the architecture of the home, not be a complete deviation from it.  After all, you want it to look good don’t you?

1. Wooden Traditional

Houston Interior Design, Entry Door

San Marino from Borano

2. Classic & Iron

Houston Interior Design, Iron Doors

Iron Door Design from Cantera Doors

3. Graphic & Faceted

Houston Interior Design

Model 108A as found on http://www.doors2go.com

4.  Mission & Oak

Houston Interior Design

Mission Style Door from Heart Of Oak Workshop

5. Colonial & Painted

Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors from Designer Doors

Custom designed doors beautify your home from the moment they are installed.  Luxury For The Home can design yours just for your home.

September 29, 2010

Living Green: 3 Tips to a Luxurious Laundry Room

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You can design “green” by adding functionality into your life!  Who says we can’t have a laundry room that eliminates the annoyances and highlights productivity and luxury.  Here are some tips to consider!

  1. Laundry bins. Organize the loads of laundry to eliminate sorting.  Designate different bins for towels, whites, lights, colors and darks.  Teach your kids to put their laundry into the appropriate bins…the earlier they start the better!

    Laundry Totes with Labels

  2. Seeing the light. Why do laundry rooms have to be in dark and dreary places?  Think about locating the laundry room on the exterior of the house.  Windows will make it more enjoyable to do laundry by having nature to look at.

    Laundry Room with a Great View!

  3. Ironing station. Design an ironing board right into your “folding” countertop or cabinets.  I don’t know anyone who likes getting out and putting away the ironing board!

Laundry Room with Ironing Station

September 28, 2010

DIY with Style: Mosaic Tiles

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I love tile.  I love playing with patterns, I love the different textures of tile.  Sometimes, after a job we have enough decorative tile that it seems a shame not to do use it somehow.  So today’s DIY with style is one project that can put that tile to use.

1. Cut the mosaic tile to fit your cork tiles.  You may need to trim the mesh a little further back so it won’t show.

2. Attach the tile to the cork with a water-proof adhesive.  I used a waterproof liquid nails. Allow to dry.

3. Using the silicone grout & a caulk gun, fill the grout joints.  Use your finger to press the material into the joints.

Filling Grout Joints

4.  Clean off the excess grout and allow to dry – It’s that simple.

The Finished Product.

September 27, 2010

Monday’s Inspiration – Master Bedrooms

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By Leslie Hassler

I find that for Monday, I’m dreaming of my bed. Thursday help a surprise trip to the hospital for our eldest son. Everything is fine, but my husband and I didn’t have any quality sleep for about 36 hours.  So today’s inspirations are the Master Bedroom, a place I am going to work hard not to sneak off to today.

1. Clean & Fresh

Houston Interior Design, John Saladino

John Saladino as featured in Veranda Magazine.

2. Colorful & Ethnic

BHG.com - East Meets West Bedroom

3. Masculine & Bohemian

Houston Interior Design

Interiors Magazine - Oct/Nov 2009

4. Geometric Bliss

Houston Interior Design, Master Bedroom Designs

Master Bedroom Bliss by Suzanne Kasler Interiors as featured on Veranda.com

Your master bedroom is your retreat and haven from the outside world.  Call Luxury For The Home, at 281-701-2461, to create your little slice of heaven.

September 23, 2010

Living Life Well – Low Maintenance

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It is one thing to have a beautiful home.  It is something else if that same beautiful home requires a maintenance schedule that rivals a training for a marathon.  Now don’t get me wrong, your home will require maintenance.  But one of my jobs as an interior designer is to try to minimize the amount of maintenance that my designs and remodeling projects require.  I know that I succeed when my clients, amazed, tell me how easy to care for their home.  I also know that we succeed when people just like you look at our work and comment that it even looks like it would be easy to maintain.

If you’ve never worked with an interior designer, or this interior designer, you may find this a fresh approach to your home.  Let me share some of my favorite products that almost take care of themselves.

Karndean Flooring - Van Gogh Series

Silestone Countertops

Silestone Counter tops

High Quality Washable Matte Paints

Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet with Touch20 Technology

Tired of spending your free time taking care of your home?  Call Luxury For The Home at 281-701-2461 to create a home that takes care of you.

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