October 21, 2010

Living Life Well – Bathtubs

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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Design

I started off the week thinking about bathtubs.   I suppose the fact that DH is off hunting in South Dakota for a week doesn’t help my need for a relaxing dip.  I love these baths that might help me relax.

From KBBonline by designer Erinn Valencich

Jacuzzi tub Duetta - Good Golly - can I take a bath here?

Sanijet Pipeless Tubs -Sorry, I really don't want a tub for two. If I am secluding myself...I don't WANT to share.

This is a great setting for a relaxing bath by Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly. The champagne is a nice touch, but I prefer a great California Red. 🙂

Kohler Expanse Curved Apron Bathtubs. Sometimes, all you have is 5'. So let's make the most of it. The #1 thing I love to say, " I just installed your new bathtub and OMG it's more beautiful than I thought it would be!"

Are you ready to fall in love with your bathroom again?  October is National Kitchen & Bath Month.  Luxury For The Home can give you a bath that brings a smile to your face in the morning, and leaves your friends talking about it for weeks.  Call 281-701-2461 for a complimentary consultation.


October 20, 2010

Green Living: J’aimerais un morceau vert de Paris!

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By:  Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

J’adore Paris!  I have been inspired by the city of love as it’s the hot spot for these vertical gardens.  They add artistic detail and eco-friendly intentions to any bland wall in a city.  The art form can make cities healthy, enjoyable and greener places!!!  I will be traveling to Paris, France the week before Christmas this year and can’t wait to keep my eye out for the vertical beauties!

The Musee de Quai Branly in Paris, France...Vertical Garden

On a smaller scale, with living wall art and sculptures you can enjoy the same effect in your own home.  It doubles as an air purifier and artwork!  My travels have inspired me to find different works of “living art” to go with your homes style!

Living Wall Art

Nature through and through!

The attention to detail in this piece is so enticing!  The color is subtle and the texture sooo rich.  Hang in the most popular room of the house so everyone can enjoy!

Living Wall Art

The Forest Floor!

The layers of plants are fun, flirty and fantastic in this living wall art!  It can give your home the forest floor effect and add natural color and depth to any kitchen or bathroom wall.

Vertical Moss Sculpture

Mimicking Nature with Sophistication!

I have been living in Sweden and visit the forest quite often.  I go specifically for the fresh air and scenery!  This sculpture has all the elements of a Swedish forest combined.  The forests are something out of a fairytale and so is this piece.

Just one of Sweden's forests!

Yes that’s me…The LEEDing Lady! I am living my own fairytale and enjoying all nature has to offer.

Concrete Moss Bust

When in Rome…

This living sculpture reminds me of my travel to Rome, Italy!  If you love traveling as much as I do, this piece would the perfect “green” addition to your home.

October 18, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Bathrooms

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever walk into your bathroom and wish it were bigger and of course prettier?  I do almost on a daily basis.  Normally it is when I am standing behind my husband waiting to get in front of the sink.  I keep thinking I can figure out how to get a double vanity in there, but in reality I think we will probably move before I ever get there.  So when we do move guess what will be my main focus?  The Master Bath.

There are so many master bathrooms that I love and here are some that I think have some really great ideas.

1. Even though it is not a master bath I think this bath has lots of character.  This would have been awesome when I was a teenager!


Bathroom Collections - new Mimo print collections from Laufen



2.  This bathroom has such great natural light, I would love getting dressed in here.


Contemporary Bath by Velvet Hammerschmidt Design



3.  This one is so elegant and spacious!  I can just imagine myself soaking in the tub with a nice glass of wine.  I love the wood paneling, it is so unique for a bath.


Elegant Contemporary Bath by Joseph Pubilones Interiors, Inc



4.  This bath looks and feels fit for a princess with the dressing table and all.  I think anyone would enjoy spending their mornings in here.


Traditional Master Bath by Suzanne Furst Interiors


October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, call Luxury For The Home to create the master bath you have always wanted.




October 14, 2010

Living Life Well- Fun Kitchen Hardware

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever look at your kitchen and just think it is kind of boring?  The easiest and most cost efficient way to revitalize your kitchen is to replace your hardware.  You can go from super elegant to way quirky.  I tend to be a little on the quirky side and as a matter of fact the last house I owned had forks and knives as the hardware which were always great conversation starters at all gatherings.

Here are a few that I think would really spice up a kitchen.  I especially like the the Kitchen ID Series from Notting Hill.  They would  really make life easier when instructing my husband in the kitchen!


Notting Hill: Kitchen ID Series


Atlas Homewares: Beaded Knobs, Image Copyrighted by Atlashomewares.com


Soko Studio: Manhandles


Kitchen hardware can make a huge statement.

Call Luxury For The Home to help you make a statement in your kitchen to live life well.


October 13, 2010

Living Green: Your Style with a Side of “Green”

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By: Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

A green home isn’t a mud hut with a chimney in the middle and it certainly doesn’t have to be the sterile type of modern design that we are seeing everywhere.  I am going to show you 3 case studies of LEED residences that don’t require you to compromise your style.  These studies should give you a taste of what a “green” home should entail!

#1 Rosewood Hills – Columbia, South Carolina  

Affordable homes that come in your style!

We all ask the question…will I be able to afford a green home?  This project is just one of many that focus on affordable LEED for Homes housing!  Pricing starts in the $170’s.  The developers included efficient irrigation, use of low VOC products, dual flush toilets, and high efficiency windows.  Even better, they integrated a program that educates the homeowners on how to operate and maintain their green homes! 

Rosewood Hills, South Carolina - LEED Gold Residences

Rosewood Hills Interiors, South Carolina – LEED Gold Residences

Above: Just look at these green homes!  At first glance, you wouldn’t believe they were Gold Certified LEED Homes.  The details are simple, yet highlight the ever so timeless colonial style!

#2 REAL Model Home – St. Petersburg, Florida

The builders’ goal was to show that a home of any style could be truly green!

Most of the green features in this home were designed around the climate, which I am sure those of us living in Houston can appreciate!  The design maximizes the natural light while minimizing the passive solar heating and additionally allows for natural ventilation.  The steady airflow reduces the need for air-conditioning and heating!  This strong and efficient home was built to withstand extreme weather and the insulation is even a soy-based formula!

REAL Model Home, Florida - LEED Gold Residence

REAL Model Home Interior, Florida – LEED Gold Residence

 Above: This beauty radiates an open seaside design with a hint of contemporary.  It’s the perfect place to feel safe, enjoy the warmth, and soak in the healthy environment…inside and out.

#3 Villa Trieste – Las Vegas, Nevada

As green as you can be!

Even though Pulte Homes had ambitions for Platinum, they did not have any intentions of giving up the wants and needs of homebuyers!  Technology permits these homes to have added energy efficiency which ends up reducing energy use by 55%.  The recycling program reduces construction waste by 75% and contributes to the affordability of the home!

Villa Trieste, Nevada - LEED Platinum Residence

Villa Trieste Interior View of the Study, Nevada - LEED Platinum Residence

Above: This Mediterranean style home doesn’t scream green at all.  The muted blues and browns give the home an open, cool, and calming effect.  Comfort and taste go hand in hand with greening your life!

The options for “green building” are endless; however, all you have to do is make smart choices and decide on what is important for your home.  Just remember, you don’t have to compromise “your style” in order gain a little “green”!

October 12, 2010

DIY with STYLE: PS – I Made This

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by Leslie Hassler

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts from a blog called, PS I Made This.  Now this wasn’t my own find, it came courtesy of this month’s Lucky Magazine.  Erica Domesek pulls together some gorgeous mood boards.  I picked my favorite three for you.  Click through to see what Erica made.


Dear Oscar...Thank You from psimadethis.com



The Golden Touch - from psimadethis.com



Clarity Is A Rarity - from psimadethis.com


Enjoy a new way to be inspired to doing-it-yourself.

October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Kitchens

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by Ali Adams

As the holiday season starts peaking around the corner I tend to think of all of the holiday gatherings.  As we all know the party always ends up in the kitchen.  The ideal kitchen is different for everyone, but here are a few that have some wonderful entertaining and styling ideas.

1. Zen and Compact: This zen space is compact while still feeling roomy enough to entertain.  I love the large island and breakfast bar because they allow for plenty of gathering space. Can’t you imagine throwing a party here??


A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers

A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers


2. Clean and Modern: This is a large kitchen with an elegant feel.  I love the streamlined marble counter tops that contrast with the dark wood table. I dream of lazy Saturday mornings at this breakfast table.


A Modern Oak Wood Kitchen in Los Angeles


3.  White and Bright: If I could keep it clean this would be my bright white kitchen.  It just feels subtly glamorous.  I love the idea of a breakfast table built off of the island, it is such a great use of space.


New House, New Kitchen Traditional Home


4.  Classic and Modern: This kitchen is so clean and neat with a pop.  I love the way the blue island stands out creating an interesting focal point as well as gathering space.


A Fresh Florida Kitchen



October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, call Luxury For The Home to begin the kitchen of your dreams.


October 6, 2010

Living Green: 10 Ways To Design Your Utility Room

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

Living green doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing and using green products.  You can live green by introducing organized functional design into a new or remodeled home.

After living in Sweden and sharing a laundry room with an entire apartment complex, my frame of mind needed to change.  Here I am forced to do laundry in a 3 hour time period and in a dark basement.  This situation inspired me to draw up a design for a fully functional and luxurious laundry room, one that includes plenty of storage, hanging room and folding space.  Think about how much time we spend on designing our kitchens with the proper workstations!  Why can’t we apply “workstations” to the laundry room and make doing the laundry more enjoyable?

10' x 10' Laundry room, interior design by Luxury For The Home. The photo above highlights the shelving unit (back), ironing board station (left), and the laundry sorting bins (right).

1. The shelving unit goes from floor to ceiling to give you a maximum amount of storage after having folded laundry!  You can also opt to make the shelves removable to transport the folded laundry to the proper rooms!

2. The ironing board is built into the countertop so you never have to get out and put away the ironing board ever again!

3. Try organizing your loads with multiple laundry bins and label them…L – Lights, W – Whites, D – Darks and C – Colors!

Here we focus on the washer/dryer, folding counter (left), hanging space and windows!

4. Consider the energy star washer/dryers that are front loaders and are raised with extra storage.

5. There is never enough space for folding!  Make the folding counter 30” deep instead of the standard 24”.

6. Hanging space is crucial, so make sure you have different levels and heights for all your clothes!  Windows will instantly brighten up the space and make doing laundry more enjoyable.

Make the sink area its own station (corner).

7. Putting in a deep and wide bathroom sink in the laundry room is easier on the eyes than one of those gigantic sink basins!  This adds quality and style to your laundry room.  Locating the sink under a window will brighten your mood every time you go to do laundry!

Last but not least, we look at an air drying section (back), ceiling, fan and clerestory window (top back).

8. You can install a rack directly to the wall for hang drying clothes that you don’t want to shrink or are too delicate to go in the dryer.  There is a drain directly underneath to collect dripping water.

9. Consider adding a recessed ceiling to give you and the room a little more breathing room!  The fan will circulate the air to speed up the air drying process.  Keeping cool is always a plus in the laundry room!

10. The clerestory window gives you the luxury of diffused light and you don’t have to deal with the sun making the laundry room hotter than it needs to be.

Are you ready to fall in love with your home again?  Luxury For The Home will design solutions to make your life easier.  Call 281-701-2461 to schedule your appointment.

October 4, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Nurseries

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by Ali Adams

For the past year and a half my life has revolved around babies especially now that he is almost six months old.  Now three of my girl friends are going on round two and have asked me for ideas about nurseries.  Therefore here are few that have a great feel for a new baby and their families.

1.  Soft and Modern: I love this one because it is modern but still feels soft and touchable.

Soft and Modern featured in Coastal Living

2. Retro and Quirky: This is such a fun nursery with all of the bright colors and interesting wall art.  Definitely a place I would enjoy spending time in.

Retro Baby's Room by Frillie Designs

3. Feminine and Glamorous: I love this room because of its femininity.  The upholstered ceiling is a real treat.  It is a beautiful space for a baby girl to blossom.

Glamorous Modern by Little Crown Interiors

To bring some love and excitement to your future nursery, call Luxury For The Home, at 281-701-2461, for interior design expertise you can trust.

Simple Luxury


October 1, 2010

Fall in Love With Your House

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by Leslie Hassler

Falling in love with your house can be hard to do.  You see its weaknesses as you walk through the hall, notice where the crayon never really came off the wall.  And after a period of time that you only expected to be in your home for maybe 5 years, you are know thinking it is going to be at least another 5-10 years.

But you see you can fall back in love with your home.  How?  By camouflage the dark circles under its eye and by drawing attention to its better features.  So now it is time to give that home a bit of a makeover.  Enjoy these before and after stories and imagine the falling back in love with your home again.

Bellaire Home, Powder Bath, Interior Design Houston, Before and After

1990's Bath with Mauve Tile

Bellaire Home, Interior Design Houston

Elegance for entertaining, the Powder Bath after. Project by Leslie Hassler

Austin Interior Design, Interior design Houston

Shoalmont Before project by Laura Britt Designs

Houston Interior Design, Austin Interior Design

Living room transformation by Laura Britt Design, ASID 2010 Legacy Of Texas Award Winner

AD Before

Before project featured on Architectural Digest 2007.

After Photo

After project by Architecture by Arthur S. Pier, aia, of Pier, Fine Associates/Interior Design by Sandra Nunnerley, ASID

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