October 18, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Bathrooms

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever walk into your bathroom and wish it were bigger and of course prettier?  I do almost on a daily basis.  Normally it is when I am standing behind my husband waiting to get in front of the sink.  I keep thinking I can figure out how to get a double vanity in there, but in reality I think we will probably move before I ever get there.  So when we do move guess what will be my main focus?  The Master Bath.

There are so many master bathrooms that I love and here are some that I think have some really great ideas.

1. Even though it is not a master bath I think this bath has lots of character.  This would have been awesome when I was a teenager!


Bathroom Collections - new Mimo print collections from Laufen



2.  This bathroom has such great natural light, I would love getting dressed in here.


Contemporary Bath by Velvet Hammerschmidt Design



3.  This one is so elegant and spacious!  I can just imagine myself soaking in the tub with a nice glass of wine.  I love the wood paneling, it is so unique for a bath.


Elegant Contemporary Bath by Joseph Pubilones Interiors, Inc



4.  This bath looks and feels fit for a princess with the dressing table and all.  I think anyone would enjoy spending their mornings in here.


Traditional Master Bath by Suzanne Furst Interiors


October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, call Luxury For The Home to create the master bath you have always wanted.





October 14, 2010

Living Life Well- Fun Kitchen Hardware

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever look at your kitchen and just think it is kind of boring?  The easiest and most cost efficient way to revitalize your kitchen is to replace your hardware.  You can go from super elegant to way quirky.  I tend to be a little on the quirky side and as a matter of fact the last house I owned had forks and knives as the hardware which were always great conversation starters at all gatherings.

Here are a few that I think would really spice up a kitchen.  I especially like the the Kitchen ID Series from Notting Hill.  They would  really make life easier when instructing my husband in the kitchen!


Notting Hill: Kitchen ID Series


Atlas Homewares: Beaded Knobs, Image Copyrighted by Atlashomewares.com


Soko Studio: Manhandles


Kitchen hardware can make a huge statement.

Call Luxury For The Home to help you make a statement in your kitchen to live life well.


October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Kitchens

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by Ali Adams

As the holiday season starts peaking around the corner I tend to think of all of the holiday gatherings.  As we all know the party always ends up in the kitchen.  The ideal kitchen is different for everyone, but here are a few that have some wonderful entertaining and styling ideas.

1. Zen and Compact: This zen space is compact while still feeling roomy enough to entertain.  I love the large island and breakfast bar because they allow for plenty of gathering space. Can’t you imagine throwing a party here??


A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers

A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers


2. Clean and Modern: This is a large kitchen with an elegant feel.  I love the streamlined marble counter tops that contrast with the dark wood table. I dream of lazy Saturday mornings at this breakfast table.


A Modern Oak Wood Kitchen in Los Angeles


3.  White and Bright: If I could keep it clean this would be my bright white kitchen.  It just feels subtly glamorous.  I love the idea of a breakfast table built off of the island, it is such a great use of space.


New House, New Kitchen Traditional Home


4.  Classic and Modern: This kitchen is so clean and neat with a pop.  I love the way the blue island stands out creating an interesting focal point as well as gathering space.


A Fresh Florida Kitchen



October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, call Luxury For The Home to begin the kitchen of your dreams.


October 7, 2010


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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

YEAH – It’s Fall Festival Season in Texas.  I know a bit silly, but I love them.  Where but Texas can you go to the “Home of the Thump” or say “oompha” in so many cities.  For those that love and call Houston home, this is a great weekend.

Last week, we celebrated Oktoberfest with our friends and family – but this weekend hold some goodies for me.  The first is The Houston Original Greek Festival.  I remember going to this festival as a young’n, and throughly enjoyed the experience.


Houston interior design, festivals

Youth dancers at The Original Greek Festival


The second and maybe one of my most favorite festivals is the Bayou City Arts Festival. Now I have to say, I remember when it was the Montrose Arts Festival, so it definitely has grown up since that time.  But I enjoy the walk and the views and the crafts for the kids.  So which ever you choose, both are very family friendly – so enjoy.


Houston Interior Design, Bayou City Arts Festival

Outdoor Art at Bayou City Arts Festival - I soooooo want this!


Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday.

October 4, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Nurseries

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by Ali Adams

For the past year and a half my life has revolved around babies especially now that he is almost six months old.  Now three of my girl friends are going on round two and have asked me for ideas about nurseries.  Therefore here are few that have a great feel for a new baby and their families.

1.  Soft and Modern: I love this one because it is modern but still feels soft and touchable.

Soft and Modern featured in Coastal Living

2. Retro and Quirky: This is such a fun nursery with all of the bright colors and interesting wall art.  Definitely a place I would enjoy spending time in.

Retro Baby's Room by Frillie Designs

3. Feminine and Glamorous: I love this room because of its femininity.  The upholstered ceiling is a real treat.  It is a beautiful space for a baby girl to blossom.

Glamorous Modern by Little Crown Interiors

To bring some love and excitement to your future nursery, call Luxury For The Home, at 281-701-2461, for interior design expertise you can trust.

Simple Luxury


October 1, 2010

Fall in Love With Your House

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by Leslie Hassler

Falling in love with your house can be hard to do.  You see its weaknesses as you walk through the hall, notice where the crayon never really came off the wall.  And after a period of time that you only expected to be in your home for maybe 5 years, you are know thinking it is going to be at least another 5-10 years.

But you see you can fall back in love with your home.  How?  By camouflage the dark circles under its eye and by drawing attention to its better features.  So now it is time to give that home a bit of a makeover.  Enjoy these before and after stories and imagine the falling back in love with your home again.

Bellaire Home, Powder Bath, Interior Design Houston, Before and After

1990's Bath with Mauve Tile

Bellaire Home, Interior Design Houston

Elegance for entertaining, the Powder Bath after. Project by Leslie Hassler

Austin Interior Design, Interior design Houston

Shoalmont Before project by Laura Britt Designs

Houston Interior Design, Austin Interior Design

Living room transformation by Laura Britt Design, ASID 2010 Legacy Of Texas Award Winner

AD Before

Before project featured on Architectural Digest 2007.

After Photo

After project by Architecture by Arthur S. Pier, aia, of Pier, Fine Associates/Interior Design by Sandra Nunnerley, ASID

September 29, 2010

Living Green: 3 Tips to a Luxurious Laundry Room

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You can design “green” by adding functionality into your life!  Who says we can’t have a laundry room that eliminates the annoyances and highlights productivity and luxury.  Here are some tips to consider!

  1. Laundry bins. Organize the loads of laundry to eliminate sorting.  Designate different bins for towels, whites, lights, colors and darks.  Teach your kids to put their laundry into the appropriate bins…the earlier they start the better!

    Laundry Totes with Labels

  2. Seeing the light. Why do laundry rooms have to be in dark and dreary places?  Think about locating the laundry room on the exterior of the house.  Windows will make it more enjoyable to do laundry by having nature to look at.

    Laundry Room with a Great View!

  3. Ironing station. Design an ironing board right into your “folding” countertop or cabinets.  I don’t know anyone who likes getting out and putting away the ironing board!

Laundry Room with Ironing Station

September 28, 2010

DIY with Style: Mosaic Tiles

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I love tile.  I love playing with patterns, I love the different textures of tile.  Sometimes, after a job we have enough decorative tile that it seems a shame not to do use it somehow.  So today’s DIY with style is one project that can put that tile to use.

1. Cut the mosaic tile to fit your cork tiles.  You may need to trim the mesh a little further back so it won’t show.

2. Attach the tile to the cork with a water-proof adhesive.  I used a waterproof liquid nails. Allow to dry.

3. Using the silicone grout & a caulk gun, fill the grout joints.  Use your finger to press the material into the joints.

Filling Grout Joints

4.  Clean off the excess grout and allow to dry – It’s that simple.

The Finished Product.

September 22, 2010

Living Green: “The Soil Clock”

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

I am luck enough to have a traveling corespondent contributing to our blog.  Lauren worked with us briefly before she got married and was whisked away to Finland.  You’ll see more of her in the future as she shares with us design inspirations and innovations from Europe.  – Leslie Hassler

My travels recently took me to Finland where Helsinki Design Week was just coming to an end.  I was delighted to be there in time to see all of the innovative designs inside of the exhibit!  One of the first things that caught my eye was the mud-powered clock.   I was blown away at this simple yet effective concept.  Being able to tell time whilst enjoying the aesthetics of a plant is simply genius!

After getting over the brilliance of this concept, I wanted to know how does this thing work?   Most kinds of soil contain certain bacteria, zinc, and copper that work together to generate electric energy.  This natural phenomenon was discovered in the nineteenth century, but no one knew how to apply it.

Designer Marieke Staps was able to apply this knowledge towards powering a small device called, The Soil Clock.  With our society being so technology based, it’s astonishing that someone could take a giant step back and think so simple!

I don’t know about you, but having a clock that tells time and is healthy for interior environments gets two big thumbs up!  As with all house plants, make sure they are placed by a window so they get their daily dose of sunlight.  All you have to do is remember to water the clock to keep the process going!

The beauty of the clock is that you can customize it for your home, the plants don’t even need to be the same type of plant.  This is truly a gift for the person that has everything.

Be on the look out for more concepts by Marieke Staps.  She is working hard to develop new applications from this unique principle!

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps with different plant

Soil Clock at Helsinki Design Week, Finland

September 16, 2010

Living Life Well – Simplify

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By Leslie Hassler

Today I wanted to share  a bit of my design philosophy with you. This philosophy guides my choices and designs for my life and my clients. It helps to create an environment to help you live your life well.

My most important principle is simplicity. Simplicity is difficult to achieve in the complex world of more. It, like anything else needs attention to flourish.  And just like achieving balance, sometimes simplicity is about making adjustments.

So what is the first thing we like to do for our clients?  Edit, that is reduce the amount of things.  If an object does not have a purpose, or doesn’t illicit a positive (not neutral) response from you, then it really doesn’t belong in your home.  It should bring you happiness, remind you of a fond memory or make life easier for you.

Enjoy these simple rooms.

Living Room by John Willey as featured by House Beautiful.

Master Bedroom created by Woodson+Rummerfield as featured in Rue Magazine. This may be my new favorite online magazine!

Living Room by designers Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, as featured in Veranda.

Creating simplicity out of chaos is an art, and one we are very well versed in.  Contact me at 281-701-2461 to experience simplicity at its best.

Your Home. Your Style. Your Luxury.

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