October 14, 2010

Living Life Well- Fun Kitchen Hardware

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever look at your kitchen and just think it is kind of boring?  The easiest and most cost efficient way to revitalize your kitchen is to replace your hardware.  You can go from super elegant to way quirky.  I tend to be a little on the quirky side and as a matter of fact the last house I owned had forks and knives as the hardware which were always great conversation starters at all gatherings.

Here are a few that I think would really spice up a kitchen.  I especially like the the Kitchen ID Series from Notting Hill.  They would  really make life easier when instructing my husband in the kitchen!


Notting Hill: Kitchen ID Series


Atlas Homewares: Beaded Knobs, Image Copyrighted by Atlashomewares.com


Soko Studio: Manhandles


Kitchen hardware can make a huge statement.

Call Luxury For The Home to help you make a statement in your kitchen to live life well.



October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Kitchens

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by Ali Adams

As the holiday season starts peaking around the corner I tend to think of all of the holiday gatherings.  As we all know the party always ends up in the kitchen.  The ideal kitchen is different for everyone, but here are a few that have some wonderful entertaining and styling ideas.

1. Zen and Compact: This zen space is compact while still feeling roomy enough to entertain.  I love the large island and breakfast bar because they allow for plenty of gathering space. Can’t you imagine throwing a party here??


A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers

A Zen Kitchen by Marguerite Rodgers


2. Clean and Modern: This is a large kitchen with an elegant feel.  I love the streamlined marble counter tops that contrast with the dark wood table. I dream of lazy Saturday mornings at this breakfast table.


A Modern Oak Wood Kitchen in Los Angeles


3.  White and Bright: If I could keep it clean this would be my bright white kitchen.  It just feels subtly glamorous.  I love the idea of a breakfast table built off of the island, it is such a great use of space.


New House, New Kitchen Traditional Home


4.  Classic and Modern: This kitchen is so clean and neat with a pop.  I love the way the blue island stands out creating an interesting focal point as well as gathering space.


A Fresh Florida Kitchen



October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, call Luxury For The Home to begin the kitchen of your dreams.


September 29, 2010

Living Green: 3 Tips to a Luxurious Laundry Room

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You can design “green” by adding functionality into your life!  Who says we can’t have a laundry room that eliminates the annoyances and highlights productivity and luxury.  Here are some tips to consider!

  1. Laundry bins. Organize the loads of laundry to eliminate sorting.  Designate different bins for towels, whites, lights, colors and darks.  Teach your kids to put their laundry into the appropriate bins…the earlier they start the better!

    Laundry Totes with Labels

  2. Seeing the light. Why do laundry rooms have to be in dark and dreary places?  Think about locating the laundry room on the exterior of the house.  Windows will make it more enjoyable to do laundry by having nature to look at.

    Laundry Room with a Great View!

  3. Ironing station. Design an ironing board right into your “folding” countertop or cabinets.  I don’t know anyone who likes getting out and putting away the ironing board!

Laundry Room with Ironing Station

September 21, 2010

DIY with Style – Glass Etching

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By Leslie Hassler & Ali Adams, Houston Interior Designers

Ever want something a little different for your home, but can’t seem to find the right piece?  Sometimes, the solution is to craft it yourself.  Today’s DIY project is glass etching.  The process is really simple, as you can see and the possibilities are endless.

1. Prepare all your materials.  Make sure to pick up a stencil adhesive & etching solution from the craft store.

Supplies- Mirror, Foam Brush, Etching Solution, Blue Tape, Stencil

2. Clean your surface to be etched, adhere and secure the stencil to the surface.

Preparing the Mirror- Tape down stencil using tape or some type of spray adhesive.

3. Liberally apply the solution with a foam brush.  You do need to be liberal and the etching solution will work better if you agitate it a bit, moving the brush with up and down strokes.

Applying the Solution- Use a THICK coat of solution brushing in two directions

4. Let it stand 5 minutes, rinse off with water.  Really you’ll spend more time selecting your stencil than it will take you to complete the project.

Let Stand- 5 minute before washing off with water

And there you go.  This little gem could be framed, you could put it on an easel and display on a table or bookcase.  There really are a variety of ways to create and use this in your home.

Final Product

Did you like our project?  Try it for yourself.  Feel free to send us pictures of your project to leslie@luxuryforthehome.com.

Luxury For The Home creates solutions for even the smallest problems in your home.  Call 281-701-2461 to unleash the creativity at your home.

September 17, 2010

Expertise in Luxury – Meet the Authors

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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

Last night, I attended the HADA Preview Party for the HADA Antique Show running this weekend and one of the benefits of going (outside of the treasure I showed you on Facebook) was having the opportunity to speak with some authors at a leisurely pace.  As I am an expert and guide for my clients, I find moments like last night invaluable to learn more for the benefit my clients.

The first author/designer was Hutton Wilkinson, author of a series of books highlighting one of Interior Design’s Greats, Tony Duquette.  His current book, More is More is the second the Duquette series.  While I was picking up a book about Thomas Pheasant, Hutton came over and introduced himself and then proceeded to introduce me to the rest of the authors.  As I flipped through the book, what stuck me where the party rooms and table settings that Duquette imagined.

Houston Interior Design, HADA, Hutton Wilkerson, Tony Duquette

More is More by Hutton Wilkinson

The second author to meet was Architect, Bobby McAlpine; author of The Home Within Us.  Mr. McAlpine is a quite man, but his work speaks volumes.  I enjoyed that his homes had classical, old world feel; but there was a tranquil simplicity to it.  I also enjoyed hearing hoe McAlpine redecorated his home three times before selling it.  It’s nice to know that other designers like to change things in their home.

Houston Interior Design, HADA, Bobby Mc Alpine

The Home Within Us by Bobby Mc Alpine

I think that the author/designer I enjoyed meeting the most was Jan Showers.  Now, having gone to interior design school in Dallas, I am familiar with who she is and had visited her showroom  several times.  But I had never met her in person.  We had a delightful conversation about design school, Dallas and shared a few resources for Houston.

Houston Interior Design, Jan Showers

A truly luxurious book, Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers

So there’s now three beautiful books for my library.  Now, I just need a Saturday morning and a cup of coffee. Enjoy your weekend and remember to find moments of luxury.

March 9, 2010

Luxury: The Hunt for Beauty in Composting

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By Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

We all hear, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”  Today I have some ideas on the recycle concept.  I’ve spoken to you about the new focus for us this year, incorporating more environmentally friendly products and practices into our life, like eating less processed foods (which is hard for a busy family of 4!)  So, less processed foods means an increase in our organic waste.  Since we are also planting a huge amount of vegetables this year, wouldn’t it be nice to have some compost to feed those garden beds?

With that in mind, I’ve been searching for compost pails for the kitchen.  Not too surprising, there isn’t a plethora to choose from.  I, of course, want ones that have charcoal filters, but if it is going to sit on my counter, I’d like it to be attractive too.  Here are three that offer some style for you.

The mega stainless steel compost pail from Williams Sonoma, represents the most prevalent style available.  It does come in a 1 gallon capacity and the extra-large 1-1/2 gallon capacity. Not a bad choice if you’re cooking for an army!

Stainless Steel Compost Crock – Williams Sonoma

This green glazed ceramic would work perfect in any traditional kitchen, especially with a French or Tuscan flair.  This crock is so attractive, your guests wouldn’t guess it’s true purpose.


Green Stoneware Compost Crock from The Gardeners Supply

I LOVE the last version.  The bamboo crock is made from a renewable source (another eco-philosophy) and is an attractive addition to any transitional or modern kitchen.  This may be the choice for me.

Bamboo Compost Crock from The Gardeners Supply

What is your favorite one?  Have you found one that works and brings luxury to your kitchen – Share with me!

Luxury For The Home believes that true luxury is not about ostentation or expense.  It is about simplicity. Sanctuary. Comfort.  It’s the beauty that happens when everything, including you, has its own ideal space.

Are you ready to bring luxury into your home?  For more ideas sign up for our newsletter, or to schedule a consultation, please call 281-701-2461.

January 4, 2010

The Luxury of the Art Salon: How to Hang Your Art – Part 2

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by Leslie Hassler, Allied ASID; AKBD

In our first segment of “How to Hang Your Art” we focused on ways to hang your art as a part of composition.  A very effective technique, to say the least.  But my most favorite technique for hanging art is in the style one of the great Paris Salons.  Apartment Therapy gave a great history of salons (check out the historical illustrations).  If you want a truly technical way to hang art in this style, check out ArtEmerging.com.  (Who said design isn’t about math?)

But while I researched this idea a bit for you, it seems that this style of hanging art is hitting a resurgence of popularity.  There are several manners of organizing your art that can tell a story or even provoke a response from the viewer, afterall wasn’t that the intent of many of the artists that submitted art to the Paris Salons?

If you collect your art along a theme of subject or technique, consider organizing your art in a manner that tells a story, or shows the evolution of a subject, artist or technique over time.  But, perhaps a more thought-provoking way to look at your organization would be a study of contrasts.  Done well, the contrasts do more to highlight each individual piece as it stands so closely to its neighbors.

Salon Style Art Example

Salon style of hanging art of Houston home by interior designer Michael J. Siller. Architectural Digest 2007.

In this first example, the art has a bit of an ethnic feel, showcasing Native American, Egyptian and African art.  The consistency of form and color help create a cohesive display of art.  I especially love the contrast of the ethnic art against such a formal traditional interior.

Salon Style of Hanging Art

Ralph Lauren's Bedford NY Home. Architectural Digest 2004.

In this lovely blue living room, the composition and compression of space between the paintings and photography works superbly.  All the “guidelines” I’ve talked about, consistency of frame, similar subjects, composition; are followed here.  The reason this really works is because the guidelines are loosely followed, and mixed with an artistic interpretation of the guidelines.  This example of salon style is subtle and invites you in to study each piece.

This last example shows yet another way to interpret the salon style of organizing your art.  I love that this example is a small, cozy space with a library feel.  Most of us feel that we need large walls to use this style of hanging art, but this shows you can accomplish it is small areas as well.

Gallery Art Example

Salon style example in a small area by designer Anthony Browne. Architectural Digest, September 2002.

I love how the art wraps itself up the staircase, and is in every nook possible. I even love the portrait displayed in the bookcase.  The composition again is successful because of the invitation to sit, study and enjoy the art.

That is what you are doing when you hang your art.  You are conveying parts of yourself to visitors in your home.  How ever you display your art – you want to make it invitational to contemplation and enjoyment.  Consider the salon style of hanging your art as a way to bring luxury into your home.

If you’re ready to bring luxury into your home, we’d love to be your interior designer.  Call Leslie at 281-701-2461 to schedule an appointment.

October 15, 2009

The Luxury of The Right Frame

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By Leslie Hassler

 Ok, great, you’ve selected your art and can’t wait to get it home.  Quite frequently, your art will come without a frame, leaving you another world of options on how to frame it.

 Let’s first start with the style of your piece and the style of your home.  If you have a contemporary home and a contemporary piece of art, using a simple streamlined frame or back liner makes perfect sense! But let’s say your home is traditional, but the art is decidedly not.

 Don’t fret, you actually have a world of choices.  If you have a gallery wrap piece, you could choose to have no frame.  Or you could choose a transitional frame, that is a frame whose styling is traditional, but it is subtle and refined. 

 The frame serves as the “marrying” piece between your interior and your art.  Be sure to test the frame against the piece. There are undertones to even wood frames that can accent and highlight the art. I would also bring a large sample of your wall color.  (Most of the major paint suppliers can send you a color sample to take with you.)

The next piece frequently skipped is the additional elements to framing, such as mats and fillets.  Each component of a frame builds and supports the art.  Often times, a piece of art with a single component looks wonderful, but with multiple framing components it looks exquisite. While you could change the frame on your art frequently, most people do not.  Don’t let the investment of quality framing scare you.  If the framing adds to the beauty of the art and you as a result enjoy it for 10, 20 or more years, then your investment per year is minimal.

I like for the color for the matte and fillet to highlight the art.  The color doesn’t necessary have to be stark contrast to enhance the art, often the subtle off-whites can help to light up a piece. I usually start with a color that is an accent in the piece.  Place the mat along side the art and step back.  Sometimes we scrutinize items at nose distance, when that will not be how we enjoy the piece.  So, step back three to four feet to observe the composition of the piece.  Another trick I do is to squint until everything is a haze.  Often times, if the color is wrong, you won’t get the “ahhh” feeling and know to move on.

The last key to framing is the artistic, design component.  The playing with combinations of art, matte color, frame type, color and size is fun – but don’t overwhelm yourself.  It is possible to overthink this decision.  Start with three choices, settle on one that you “lean to”, still unsure, then pull two more options.  Review your choices, often your first decision will be the best.

Want to play with the effects of framing and mattes can have?  I actually love the tool on Art.com, which allows you to play with so many of the elements.  I would remind you that this tool is great for you to understand the effect; but color renditions vary monitor to monitor.

Framed Artwork (by Gregory Garrett) with Vanilla Matte and Simple Black Frame (www.art.com)
Framed Artwork (by Gregory Garrett) with Vanilla Matte and Simple Black Frame (www.art.com)
This composition is very contemporary or modern.  The ivory frame pulls the foreground of the painting out, creating lightness in the view.
Same Artwork, Eucalyptus Matte, Simple Black Frame (www.art.com)
Same Artwork, Eucalyptus Matte, Simple Black Frame (www.art.com)
This composition is still contemporary/modern, but it becomes moody with the grey green matte, notice how the clouds feel stormy?
Same Artwork, Vanilla Matter, Burl Wood Frame (www.art.com)
Same Artwork, Vanilla Matter, Burl Wood Frame (www.art.com)
This frame lends itself a bit more transitional, but it also shifts focus on the art to the lower left quadrant of the painting.  To me it has an interesting effect of grounding the piece, while lifting the clouds.
Same Art, Vanilla Matte, Transitional Frame with Bead (www.art.com)
Same Art, Vanilla Matte, Transitional Frame with Bead (www.art.com)

The last frame option creates a more definite bordering of the painting.  The dark brown finish, almost seems to muddy the painting, pulling out all the shadows.

Which one do you like?

September 2, 2009

Guest Room Luxury: Making the Most of out small spaces

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By Leslie Hassler, Allied ASID, AKBD
Guest rooms poise a challenge, especially in more urban areas and older homes.  Our guest bedroom gets used, but only about 20 nights out of the year.  I love some of these options for challenging areas for guest beds.
This is currently on Decorati’s (www.decorati.com) homepage.  The look is so stunning, that it takes a while to notice how small the overall space is.  The window definitely helps the space not feel claustrophobic.  I love that the bedding is also perfectly scaled to the size of the bed (one of my LUXURY TIPS).  See what a difference it makes?
Very small bedroom area, Highlights on Decorati.com

Very small bedroom area, Highlights on Decorati.com

Again, when space is a premium, think of smart storage solutions.  You could find this ottoman by TLS Designs (www.tlsbydesign.com/) in almost any room of the house.  What a great way to be able to host your guests.  The trick here is the complete bedding ensemble to make your guests feel special.  The ottoman is a blank canvas itself.  I keep wanting to put a kick pleat skirt on it, or maybe a fun print for the fabric.  There are just so many ways you could customize it for your interior.
Ottoman Sleeper from TLS by Design

Ottoman Sleeper from TLS by Design

Houston has been behind in the high-rise condominium market, but we are building them like mad in an effort to catch up.  One challenge we are finding for our clients is was to maximize entertaining areas, while still allowing for guest stays.  I LOVE the wall beds from Boone Wallbeds (www.boone-wallbeds.com) – why there isn’t something like this in the US, I have no idea.  The styles presented on their site have sophistication & style.  You really need to check them out!
Linea Line of Boone Wallbeds

Linea Line of Boone Wallbeds

Open Linea Line from Boone Wallbeds

Open Linea Line from Boone Wallbeds

I think this is one of the best ideas for childrens’ rooms.  This chair from Century Furniture (www.centuryfurniture.com) is a great example.  The chair itself is a chair-and-a-half, making a great chair for bedtime stories when they are young and a great chillin’ chair for the teen years – perfect for the BFF to spend the night.
Century Sleeper Chair & Ottoman

Century Sleeper Chair & Ottoman

I caught this in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (www.bhg.com).  These homeowners integrated the bed into their kitchen area – a new take on the bed and breakfast concept for sure.  This is just another way to show that you can get a guest bedroom in just about anyplace you may want it.
Guest Room Double Duty - Better Homes & Garden - Sept. 2009 issue

Guest Room Double Duty - Better Homes & Garden - Sept. 2009 issue

August 31, 2009

The Luxury of Glamour – Crystal Chandeliers

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I have to start off by saying that living in an older home in Houston, TX; I love my ceiling fans.  But I also prefer the ambiance of a crystal chandelier over a ceiling fan in the master bedroom.  The hardest part of selecting a chandelier for this room is choosing one that is not more apt for the dining room or kitchen in its design aesthetic.  I want a chandelier that has character and sophistication, adding value to the room.  Whether your bedroom is modern or traditional, we have the chandelier for you.  Take a look at these lovelies.

Melody Chandelier - Currey & Company

Melody Chandelier - Currey & Company


Black Crystal Chandelier - Black Chandelier

Black Crystal Chandelier - Black Chandelier

Xanadu - Fredrick Raymond

Xanadu - Fredrick Raymond

Master Bedroom with Chandelier - Schonbek.com photo

Master Bedroom with Chandelier - Schonbek.com photo

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