October 19, 2010

DIY With Style: Living Room Bookcases

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by Leslie Hassler

Do you love books?  I do, so much so, my husband gave me a Nook earlier this year.  As much as I love the convenience and portability of it, I still crave holding a book, hearing the rustling of the pages as the story sucks you in.  So today’s post on about your book cases.  This seems to be a common problem for my clients, so let’s look at some beauties.

Step 1 – Take everything off the shelves and give it a good dusting.

Step 2 – Organize – either by subject or by color or by size.  Doesn’t really matter, but I tend to group items by subject and books my color.  For the books, I’d recommend weeding out paperbacks  – they don’t tend to stand well and their spines tend toward unattractiveness.

Step 3 – Decide what style you want your bookcase to have.  Colorful? Calm? Collected? Library?  Find a photo in a magazine or online that represents the look you’d like.

Step 4 – Fill in the gaps.  You may find that you are low on quality-looking books, or don’t have enough accessories – so fill them in.  I love great look books that you can find at your local bookstore, or even “books-by-the-foot/yard”.

Helpful Hint: Real Simple’s Guide to quickly cleaning your bookcase.

Apartment Therapy's tribute of Domino Magazine's Bookcase Spread

Veranda.com Charlotte Moss Showhouse - Love the grouping by color!

Lonny Magazine - Bookshelf by Designer Ashley Wick. Simple & Superb.

Elle Decor - Todd Klein. I love the playfulness and pop of color in the bookcases.

Elle Decor - Courtney Haden - Traditional Library

Enjoy your home and your bookcase – just in time for the holidays.  When you are ready to spice up your home for the holidays, call Luxury For The Home, 281-701-2461 to schedule an appointment.


October 14, 2010

Living Life Well- Fun Kitchen Hardware

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by Ali Adams

Do you ever look at your kitchen and just think it is kind of boring?  The easiest and most cost efficient way to revitalize your kitchen is to replace your hardware.  You can go from super elegant to way quirky.  I tend to be a little on the quirky side and as a matter of fact the last house I owned had forks and knives as the hardware which were always great conversation starters at all gatherings.

Here are a few that I think would really spice up a kitchen.  I especially like the the Kitchen ID Series from Notting Hill.  They would  really make life easier when instructing my husband in the kitchen!


Notting Hill: Kitchen ID Series


Atlas Homewares: Beaded Knobs, Image Copyrighted by Atlashomewares.com


Soko Studio: Manhandles


Kitchen hardware can make a huge statement.

Call Luxury For The Home to help you make a statement in your kitchen to live life well.


September 22, 2010

Living Green: “The Soil Clock”

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

I am luck enough to have a traveling corespondent contributing to our blog.  Lauren worked with us briefly before she got married and was whisked away to Finland.  You’ll see more of her in the future as she shares with us design inspirations and innovations from Europe.  – Leslie Hassler

My travels recently took me to Finland where Helsinki Design Week was just coming to an end.  I was delighted to be there in time to see all of the innovative designs inside of the exhibit!  One of the first things that caught my eye was the mud-powered clock.   I was blown away at this simple yet effective concept.  Being able to tell time whilst enjoying the aesthetics of a plant is simply genius!

After getting over the brilliance of this concept, I wanted to know how does this thing work?   Most kinds of soil contain certain bacteria, zinc, and copper that work together to generate electric energy.  This natural phenomenon was discovered in the nineteenth century, but no one knew how to apply it.

Designer Marieke Staps was able to apply this knowledge towards powering a small device called, The Soil Clock.  With our society being so technology based, it’s astonishing that someone could take a giant step back and think so simple!

I don’t know about you, but having a clock that tells time and is healthy for interior environments gets two big thumbs up!  As with all house plants, make sure they are placed by a window so they get their daily dose of sunlight.  All you have to do is remember to water the clock to keep the process going!

The beauty of the clock is that you can customize it for your home, the plants don’t even need to be the same type of plant.  This is truly a gift for the person that has everything.

Be on the look out for more concepts by Marieke Staps.  She is working hard to develop new applications from this unique principle!

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps with different plant

Soil Clock at Helsinki Design Week, Finland

September 21, 2010

DIY with Style – Glass Etching

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By Leslie Hassler & Ali Adams, Houston Interior Designers

Ever want something a little different for your home, but can’t seem to find the right piece?  Sometimes, the solution is to craft it yourself.  Today’s DIY project is glass etching.  The process is really simple, as you can see and the possibilities are endless.

1. Prepare all your materials.  Make sure to pick up a stencil adhesive & etching solution from the craft store.

Supplies- Mirror, Foam Brush, Etching Solution, Blue Tape, Stencil

2. Clean your surface to be etched, adhere and secure the stencil to the surface.

Preparing the Mirror- Tape down stencil using tape or some type of spray adhesive.

3. Liberally apply the solution with a foam brush.  You do need to be liberal and the etching solution will work better if you agitate it a bit, moving the brush with up and down strokes.

Applying the Solution- Use a THICK coat of solution brushing in two directions

4. Let it stand 5 minutes, rinse off with water.  Really you’ll spend more time selecting your stencil than it will take you to complete the project.

Let Stand- 5 minute before washing off with water

And there you go.  This little gem could be framed, you could put it on an easel and display on a table or bookcase.  There really are a variety of ways to create and use this in your home.

Final Product

Did you like our project?  Try it for yourself.  Feel free to send us pictures of your project to leslie@luxuryforthehome.com.

Luxury For The Home creates solutions for even the smallest problems in your home.  Call 281-701-2461 to unleash the creativity at your home.

March 30, 2009

Defining Your Luxury: Keeping It Simple

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You’ve heard the phrase: Keep It Simple Silly! (ok, I modified a little, but you get the picture)

The next step in defining your luxury and your home comes through editing. That is, don’t be afraid to clear the house of items that are not used or don’t suit the interiors. Who knows, hold a garage sale and maybe fund some of the changes you really want. It always amazes me when I make a comment about re-styling certain accessories to a client, how many times I hear “Well, I don’t really like that anyway, but…” No buts. Here it is, I give you permission to move that object to another location or even out of your home. Would you constantly invite people into your home that you could not stand? Probably not. Then, why bring in and keep things in your home that you can not stand? To me it is a negative energy that you build in your home. Instead of smiling when you walk into your room, you frown. Be picky and choose carefully.

The second point of editing is controlling what, how and how much you display. A common issue is that we will inherit family heirlooms that we feel compelled to display – after all it was our Great Grandmother’s! What we forget sometimes is that displaying every bit of our 12 place settings in the china cabinet is too much for the eye to focus on at one time. Instead, chose a couple of settings to rotate through the year or display more of the larger serving pieces with 3 place settings. Invest in clear or metal frames that allow you to show a complete plate setting, most of these can be purchased at craft stores or online. This will give more limelight to the items, while carefully storing the remaining pieces. For those of us with multiple sets of china and crystal, try highlighting each set during a month, such as the birth month of the relative. Treat it as a revolving art showing in your home!

Another tendencies is to spread collections or accessories all over the place. So again, visually there is no stop points for the eye to focus on, just the same-looking pieces everywhere. Try grouping the accessories, usually into 3 or 5. It really becomes beneficial if there are height and detail variances that again add interest for the eye.

Don’t believe me? Here is a case study for you. Look at this room that appeared in the April/May issue of Western Interiors (www.westerninteriors.com).

It is beautiful, isn’t it? Regardless of whether your style is traditional or contemporary – there is just a peace to this composition. Notice the bookcase of relic jars. There are actually five there. But the other elements of color and material are simple as well and are in threes (use of stone, use of white) and the wooden sculpture is striking and of a large enough scale that it can stand alone. Now for the caption “The family room of a Beverly Hills, California, residence, 1978.” This room by Michael Taylor is 31 years old. But the simplicity of the design and use of accessories has made it timeless. This is the effect that simplification can have in YOUR home.

Next Time: Building Your Base

Until then, It is Your Home, Your Style and Your Luxury.