About Leslie

Interior Designer & Decorator; Luxury Lifestyle Consultant; Builder & Realtor Consultant; Journalist; Mom of 2 ACTIVE boys; Foodie, World Traveler & Wine lover

I love life and love my family and friends.  Past those passions, I LOVE to travel and entertain.  The list of places we have yet to travel to is immense and now our kids (5 & 3.5 ) are adding to the list.  I’m usually not happy until I have the next trip planned.  When we do travel, we hunt out the places that personify the locale, utilize local transportation and balance between R&R and seeing the sights. 

We love entertaining in our home and usually throw two large parties for our friends a year.  Ed & I love cooking and enjoying the plethora of wine that is available to us in this world.  We are willing to try about anything once, seeking culinary adventure as much as we seek travel adventure. We are lucky that we have many like minded friends, so there is rarely a lack of laughter, food and friendship at our table.

Helping others is extremely important to both my husband and I.  We believe that we were put on this earth to make life better for others, not necessarily for ourselves.  We are active in our church, both serving on committees and volunteering when we can.  Additionally we support organizations that make life easier for others including The Houston Food Bank, Camp For All and NAM.


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