October 6, 2010

Living Green: 10 Ways To Design Your Utility Room

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

Living green doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing and using green products.  You can live green by introducing organized functional design into a new or remodeled home.

After living in Sweden and sharing a laundry room with an entire apartment complex, my frame of mind needed to change.  Here I am forced to do laundry in a 3 hour time period and in a dark basement.  This situation inspired me to draw up a design for a fully functional and luxurious laundry room, one that includes plenty of storage, hanging room and folding space.  Think about how much time we spend on designing our kitchens with the proper workstations!  Why can’t we apply “workstations” to the laundry room and make doing the laundry more enjoyable?

10' x 10' Laundry room, interior design by Luxury For The Home. The photo above highlights the shelving unit (back), ironing board station (left), and the laundry sorting bins (right).

1. The shelving unit goes from floor to ceiling to give you a maximum amount of storage after having folded laundry!  You can also opt to make the shelves removable to transport the folded laundry to the proper rooms!

2. The ironing board is built into the countertop so you never have to get out and put away the ironing board ever again!

3. Try organizing your loads with multiple laundry bins and label them…L – Lights, W – Whites, D – Darks and C – Colors!

Here we focus on the washer/dryer, folding counter (left), hanging space and windows!

4. Consider the energy star washer/dryers that are front loaders and are raised with extra storage.

5. There is never enough space for folding!  Make the folding counter 30” deep instead of the standard 24”.

6. Hanging space is crucial, so make sure you have different levels and heights for all your clothes!  Windows will instantly brighten up the space and make doing laundry more enjoyable.

Make the sink area its own station (corner).

7. Putting in a deep and wide bathroom sink in the laundry room is easier on the eyes than one of those gigantic sink basins!  This adds quality and style to your laundry room.  Locating the sink under a window will brighten your mood every time you go to do laundry!

Last but not least, we look at an air drying section (back), ceiling, fan and clerestory window (top back).

8. You can install a rack directly to the wall for hang drying clothes that you don’t want to shrink or are too delicate to go in the dryer.  There is a drain directly underneath to collect dripping water.

9. Consider adding a recessed ceiling to give you and the room a little more breathing room!  The fan will circulate the air to speed up the air drying process.  Keeping cool is always a plus in the laundry room!

10. The clerestory window gives you the luxury of diffused light and you don’t have to deal with the sun making the laundry room hotter than it needs to be.

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