October 5, 2010

DIY with Style – A Lovely Touch To Your Life

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by Leslie Hassler

Sometimes in order to do it yourself, you need a little inspiration and knowledge.  I thought I’d share with you some tips on floral arrangements from Jeanne Hyatt, owner of Sophie Dahy Designs.  You may have caught some of her beautiful creations on Facebook or on Twitter, but as lovely as they are – they simple couldn’t compare to Jeanne herself.

Jeanne Hyatt, owner & floral designer, Sophie Dahy Designs

So here are your tips for creating spectacular floral bouquets.

1. Where do you get your inspiration?

Gardens, magazines and books – I have stacks of them.  I look at my garden and the gorgeous gardens of my friends.  I also get inspiration from traveling and just looking at gorgeous flowers at market.

Garden inspiration from Jeanne's garden.

2.  When you select a silk floral, what do you look for?

I am constantly looking for the right flower and color combination.  It’s challenging to find them, but I look for color combination that you would see in real life.  I also find that how the floral feels is very important.  I want the floral to be realistic.

Houston Interior Design

Abraham Darbey roses from Jeanne''s garden

Houston Interior Design, floral arrangments Sophie Dahy

One of a kind pink & lenten roses in mercury glass at Sophie Dahy

3. How do you plan your creations?

Well that just depends.  Because I do one-of-a-kind bouquets, I don’t have to plan my work to be duplicated.  The season has something to do with it – fall looking colors – oranges, russets, warmer, richer colors.  Right now, I’m working with hydrangeas, but Amaryllis are coming, because that means holidays to me.

Move from Summer to Autumn with richer colors.

Sometimes I start with the container.  The shape and the color of the container just lends itself to certain flowers.

Houston Interior Design, Sophie Dahy, Floral arrangements

A lovely blue & white bouquet in lime green vase from Sophie Dahy Designs.

Other times, I will gather up flowers into a bouquet and then find the container to work with it. You need flexibility and to learn to follow your instincts.

Interior Design Houston, Sophie Dahy, Floral Arrangements

Mixed White Bouquet from Sophie Dahy Designs

4. How can we update our homes for the fall?

It’s easy!  Change your flowers.  Flowers in your home make a difference.  I like to think of the arrangements as bouquets because my composition is less structured.

Jeanne’s Tip: Mix good quality silk florals with real flowers.  The real flowers will give off a beautiful fragrance and make the silk florals seem even more realistic.

5. How should we care for them?

Silk florals are the easiest thing to take care of, they really are!  Many people think that they are fragile, but they aren’t.  In frequent dusting should be enough to maintain them.  The micro-fiber dust cloths are great to dust them with.  For storing, I would just loosely cover them with plastic or cloth and store in a closet.

Swiffer duster

6. What luxury tip would you share?

Silk florals are investments that last forever.  If I could only choose one, I would chose one for the dining room table or the entry table.  A place where it can be seen and be dramatic.

Example of dining table with fall bouquet.

Living life well is in the details from your front door to the floral arrangement on your table.  To find out how to live your life well, call Luxury For The Home at 281-701-2461 to schedule your appointment.


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  1. jeanne hyatt said,

    Leslie, thank you so much for writing such a lovely article! I loved talking to you in preparation for this post! One of the true gifts of the internet is making friends with people that you normally would have no opportunity to meet!

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