September 30, 2010

Living Life Well – The Front Entrance

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How many of you judge a book by its cover?  How about choose a wine by its label art?  Now you can be honest, we all do at one point or another.  So why don’t we pay a bit more attention to our home’s cover – the front door.  I love double door entries as long as they fit the scale of the home and I prefer that the door relate to the architecture of the home, not be a complete deviation from it.  After all, you want it to look good don’t you?

1. Wooden Traditional

Houston Interior Design, Entry Door

San Marino from Borano

2. Classic & Iron

Houston Interior Design, Iron Doors

Iron Door Design from Cantera Doors

3. Graphic & Faceted

Houston Interior Design

Model 108A as found on

4.  Mission & Oak

Houston Interior Design

Mission Style Door from Heart Of Oak Workshop

5. Colonial & Painted

Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors from Designer Doors

Custom designed doors beautify your home from the moment they are installed.  Luxury For The Home can design yours just for your home.

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