September 29, 2010

Living Green: 3 Tips to a Luxurious Laundry Room

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You can design “green” by adding functionality into your life!  Who says we can’t have a laundry room that eliminates the annoyances and highlights productivity and luxury.  Here are some tips to consider!

  1. Laundry bins. Organize the loads of laundry to eliminate sorting.  Designate different bins for towels, whites, lights, colors and darks.  Teach your kids to put their laundry into the appropriate bins…the earlier they start the better!

    Laundry Totes with Labels

  2. Seeing the light. Why do laundry rooms have to be in dark and dreary places?  Think about locating the laundry room on the exterior of the house.  Windows will make it more enjoyable to do laundry by having nature to look at.

    Laundry Room with a Great View!

  3. Ironing station. Design an ironing board right into your “folding” countertop or cabinets.  I don’t know anyone who likes getting out and putting away the ironing board!

Laundry Room with Ironing Station

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