September 28, 2010

DIY with Style: Mosaic Tiles

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I love tile.  I love playing with patterns, I love the different textures of tile.  Sometimes, after a job we have enough decorative tile that it seems a shame not to do use it somehow.  So today’s DIY with style is one project that can put that tile to use.

1. Cut the mosaic tile to fit your cork tiles.  You may need to trim the mesh a little further back so it won’t show.

2. Attach the tile to the cork with a water-proof adhesive.  I used a waterproof liquid nails. Allow to dry.

3. Using the silicone grout & a caulk gun, fill the grout joints.  Use your finger to press the material into the joints.

Filling Grout Joints

4.  Clean off the excess grout and allow to dry – It’s that simple.

The Finished Product.

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