September 22, 2010

Living Green: “The Soil Clock”

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By Lauren Ballas – LEED AP

I am luck enough to have a traveling corespondent contributing to our blog.  Lauren worked with us briefly before she got married and was whisked away to Finland.  You’ll see more of her in the future as she shares with us design inspirations and innovations from Europe.  – Leslie Hassler

My travels recently took me to Finland where Helsinki Design Week was just coming to an end.  I was delighted to be there in time to see all of the innovative designs inside of the exhibit!  One of the first things that caught my eye was the mud-powered clock.   I was blown away at this simple yet effective concept.  Being able to tell time whilst enjoying the aesthetics of a plant is simply genius!

After getting over the brilliance of this concept, I wanted to know how does this thing work?   Most kinds of soil contain certain bacteria, zinc, and copper that work together to generate electric energy.  This natural phenomenon was discovered in the nineteenth century, but no one knew how to apply it.

Designer Marieke Staps was able to apply this knowledge towards powering a small device called, The Soil Clock.  With our society being so technology based, it’s astonishing that someone could take a giant step back and think so simple!

I don’t know about you, but having a clock that tells time and is healthy for interior environments gets two big thumbs up!  As with all house plants, make sure they are placed by a window so they get their daily dose of sunlight.  All you have to do is remember to water the clock to keep the process going!

The beauty of the clock is that you can customize it for your home, the plants don’t even need to be the same type of plant.  This is truly a gift for the person that has everything.

Be on the look out for more concepts by Marieke Staps.  She is working hard to develop new applications from this unique principle!

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps

Soil Clock

Soil Clock by Marieke Staps with different plant

Soil Clock at Helsinki Design Week, Finland

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