September 21, 2010

DIY with Style – Glass Etching

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By Leslie Hassler & Ali Adams, Houston Interior Designers

Ever want something a little different for your home, but can’t seem to find the right piece?  Sometimes, the solution is to craft it yourself.  Today’s DIY project is glass etching.  The process is really simple, as you can see and the possibilities are endless.

1. Prepare all your materials.  Make sure to pick up a stencil adhesive & etching solution from the craft store.

Supplies- Mirror, Foam Brush, Etching Solution, Blue Tape, Stencil

2. Clean your surface to be etched, adhere and secure the stencil to the surface.

Preparing the Mirror- Tape down stencil using tape or some type of spray adhesive.

3. Liberally apply the solution with a foam brush.  You do need to be liberal and the etching solution will work better if you agitate it a bit, moving the brush with up and down strokes.

Applying the Solution- Use a THICK coat of solution brushing in two directions

4. Let it stand 5 minutes, rinse off with water.  Really you’ll spend more time selecting your stencil than it will take you to complete the project.

Let Stand- 5 minute before washing off with water

And there you go.  This little gem could be framed, you could put it on an easel and display on a table or bookcase.  There really are a variety of ways to create and use this in your home.

Final Product

Did you like our project?  Try it for yourself.  Feel free to send us pictures of your project to

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