September 17, 2010

Expertise in Luxury – Meet the Authors

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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

Last night, I attended the HADA Preview Party for the HADA Antique Show running this weekend and one of the benefits of going (outside of the treasure I showed you on Facebook) was having the opportunity to speak with some authors at a leisurely pace.  As I am an expert and guide for my clients, I find moments like last night invaluable to learn more for the benefit my clients.

The first author/designer was Hutton Wilkinson, author of a series of books highlighting one of Interior Design’s Greats, Tony Duquette.  His current book, More is More is the second the Duquette series.  While I was picking up a book about Thomas Pheasant, Hutton came over and introduced himself and then proceeded to introduce me to the rest of the authors.  As I flipped through the book, what stuck me where the party rooms and table settings that Duquette imagined.

Houston Interior Design, HADA, Hutton Wilkerson, Tony Duquette

More is More by Hutton Wilkinson

The second author to meet was Architect, Bobby McAlpine; author of The Home Within Us.  Mr. McAlpine is a quite man, but his work speaks volumes.  I enjoyed that his homes had classical, old world feel; but there was a tranquil simplicity to it.  I also enjoyed hearing hoe McAlpine redecorated his home three times before selling it.  It’s nice to know that other designers like to change things in their home.

Houston Interior Design, HADA, Bobby Mc Alpine

The Home Within Us by Bobby Mc Alpine

I think that the author/designer I enjoyed meeting the most was Jan Showers.  Now, having gone to interior design school in Dallas, I am familiar with who she is and had visited her showroom  several times.  But I had never met her in person.  We had a delightful conversation about design school, Dallas and shared a few resources for Houston.

Houston Interior Design, Jan Showers

A truly luxurious book, Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers

So there’s now three beautiful books for my library.  Now, I just need a Saturday morning and a cup of coffee. Enjoy your weekend and remember to find moments of luxury.

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