September 15, 2010

Living Green: Chill Out and Get Clean

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“Living Green” is a growing interest and topic that seems to be on everyone’s list.  I have an interest in it and I am currently working toward a ReGreen Remodeling Certificate.  There is a lot of confusion around what is green, but I’ve found a fair amount of it to be common sense, especially when remodeling or updating your home’s interiors are concerned.

One of the easiest choices to make comes with the upgrading of appliances when they need it, or when redesigning the space.  Above all, strive to purchase an Energy Star appliance.  Not sure which one’s qualify?  Check out this link from the Energy Star – there are 40 categories of products just for your home!

The Main Appliances…

Dishwasher – I have to tell you, that I think there is only one dishwasher to have. There are so many options out there and many of them are fantastic. However, as you can read in my previous blog post, I had an affinity for a particular model in my clients’ kitchens.  After living with it in my own house, I can’t say enough about it.  We are so happy with it, we show it off to our guests. The ASKO dishwashers rate well for energy usage, capacity and water usage.

Refrigerator/Freezer – The kitchen appliance with the largest visual impact is your refrigerator, so be mindful about finishes and style when you are selecting this piece. While we do want consistency of finish and handles on our appliances, many refrigerators have a panel ready option, should your choice of refrigeration clash with other appliances. I am a firm believer in the Sub Zero refrigerators, primarily because they just do a really outstanding job of refrigeration (and freezing of course) and they last for a really long time. Previous blog post But there are many other products coming on the market that offer some interesting innovations.

Innovation in Refrigeration:

Norcool Freestanding Corner Refrigerator

Usually small kitchens had some limitations, but this model really tries to give a big bang for the buck.  Also, since this is a bit different for many people, it does have the option of being fully integrated, or panel ready.

GE Custom Cool

Refrigeration that allows for customization is a great energy saver for you.  I love this full extension drawer from GE that has Express Chill, Express Thaw and Select Temperature settings.  I know that would come in handy for our kitchen.

Miele Super Cool

Miele’s Super Cool feature efficiently cools the internal temperature  after the door has been open.  All these innovations and more can give you some luxurious for today, while still reducing your impact on resources.

Making your kitchen work for your today and tomorrow requires the expertise of knowing your options.  At Luxury For The Home, we bring that expertise to you. Saving you time, so that all you need to do is enjoy your kitchen.  Call us  at 281-701-2461 to bring our expertise to you.

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