September 13, 2010

DIY with STYLE: Shower Curtain Drapery

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By Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Design

Welcome to the Tuesday’s new focus “DIY with Style”.  Our goal is to bring you simple projects that can show off your personal style through the interior design of your home. Many of you know Ali, a designer at Luxury For The Home.  She gave birth to her son, Lane in April and has recently returned to work.  Now Lane is a very cute, wide-eyed boy. 🙂

When I visited Ali at her home shortly after Lane was born, I fell in love with her nursery.  First of all, I love the theme of Yo-Yos for the nursery.  It is fresh and innovative.  I also loved her curtains.  So when I asked her where she found them, no shock to me, she said she made them.  So today’s DIY is Ali’s drapery.

Shower Curtain draperies 2 coordinating shower curtains make up these draperies.

Lane's Nursery

Multi-colored shower hooks serve as drapery rings


1. Find two coordinating fabrics, or in this case;  shower curtains from Target.

Home Crew Circle Shower Curtain - Multicolor (72x72")

Home Crew Circle Shower Curtain - Multicolor (72" x 72")

Home Crew Stripe Shower Curtain - Multicolor (72" x 72")

2. Measure the overall length of your wall and determine the length of your drapery treatment.  Cut the fabrics/shower curtains to the appropriate length. Pin & Stitch.  Iron the seam flat.

Front Seam Detail

Back Seam Detail

3. Using colorful shower hooks, thread through grommet holes.  Mount drapery hardware and hang your curtains.

Shower Hooks used as Drapery Rings

Decorative Curtain Rod from Target

I love today’s post, because that it shows that luxury and style can be simple.  Look today for little moments of luxury to bring to your home.

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