August 23, 2010

Luxurious Organic Bedding

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By Lauren Ballas, LEED AP

I know everyone has those days where all you think about is going to bed at night.  When you finally get through your busy, crazy, and hectic day why not go to bed with organic cotton?  I recently switched from my old bedding to clean and fresh organic bedding.  It not only looks plush and dreamy; it feels like it too!  So why did I switch over to organic bedding?  If you are anything like me, concerned about health, have allergies, and want to work with the environment then try considering organic cotton!

Organic cotton is a beautiful material and is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.  It is mind-blowing to hear that more chemicals are used on cotton than any other crop.  This sends up a “red flag” in my mind because allergies are often a direct result of chemicals.  So do yourself a favor, give you and your bedding a breath of fresh air!

Taking care of organic bedding is just as easy as anything else you have to wash.  It is machine washable in warm water and put on a cool tumble dry.  You can use non-chlorine bleach, if it is needed.   In my opinion the organics wash and wear better than anything else I own.  They always come out the same way I put them in.

The bedding by Coyuchi draws its inspiration from nature.  Your moods, emotions, and stress levels will improve when entering another world for luxurious 6-8 hours you sleep.  When you spend that much time with your bedding, why not be mindful of creating a plush and dreamy space.

Imagine a graceful morning, spring air, the windy point, or a rocky shore.  Coyuchi has taken these “moments in time” and brought them to your bedroom.  Moments in time that can enhance your restful experience.  The blankets, duvet covers, and quilts give you rich texture and natural color to put your mind at ease.  This luxury continues to the sheets that are lustrous and somehow make you forget about your entire day.  Who doesn’t want bedding that speaks to you and creates an indoor environment that is truly harmonious?  Check out these “moments in time” and don’t tell me you wouldn’t want something so beautiful and comfy in your room!

Rocky Shore Organic Bedding from Coyuchi

Organic Bedding Sateen Quilts from Coyuchi

Graceful Morning Organic Bedding from Coyuchi

Organic Bedding Blankets from Coyuchi

Luxury For The Home believes that true luxury is not about ostentation or expense.  It is about simplicity. Sanctuary. Comfort.  It’s the beauty that happens when everything, including you, has its own ideal space.

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