July 12, 2010

The Luxury of Remodeling

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By Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

The economic situation of the past couple of years has created a culture where we pay more attention to what we spend and where we spend it. Personally, I practice what I preach here. For the home, I believe in investing in quality pieces that will last.  I’d rather have a few great pieces versus lots of “stuff” that will fall apart within the year.

But the recent times has also created a bit more nesting in us – staying home and enjoying what we have, as well as clearing out what we don’t use.

While all of this staying home may be enjoyable, it also reminds us more of what doesn’t work very well in our homes – an awkward kitchen, a bathroom that’s too small or a poorly designed closet. Rather than move, it’s a great time to invest in remodeling.

While you are spending money on an interior designer (we hope you consider calling us) and the remodel, the investment will pay off in dividends. Not only will you add to the value of your home should you want to sell it, you will receive greater value from the remodeled spaces every day. That is worth every penny that you invest in the project!

With that – here are the top 10 areas/items that you should consider improving in your home

1.   Kitchen – This is still the heart of the home, the room remembered the most by your friends and family.  Simple improvements in design and technologies can change this room from a room where you work, to a room that works for you.



2.   Flooring – While you should be maintaining your floors at least once a year.  Consider renovating them through re-finishing and replacing at least once every 7-10 years.  Remember stained carpet isn’t exactly welcoming.

3.   Walls – Many people move in to a home, only to never repaint the interior to the home over the years.  Enamels yellow and walls become marred with time.  Painting your home is an instant makeover.  Love your furnishings, but feel the need to freshen it up?  Painting is the first step.

4. Master Bathroom – Let’s face it, life isn’t becoming any less demanding between work, family and extracurricular activities.  Shouldn’t you have at least one room that helps you to relax and retreat from the outside world?



5.   Entertainment Rooms – Do you happen to have one of those rooms where the cords from the Wii hang out everywhere, 10 remotes for the electronic equipment and never enough space to play a game?  Consider the improvement that an entertainment room can have on your home and your family.

6.   Home Office – The complexity of our lives and the flexibility of work today means that the desk in the kitchen just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  The luxury of the home office helps to provide solitude to work and a central hub to all of your homes and families activities, finances and schedules.

7.   Outdoor Entertaining – My husband and I laugh at our parties. They are very rarely small, with people everywhere.  As we continue to entertain our friends and family, the outdoor arena is increasingly more important for seating, play and cooking.  It is also a great way to increase the livable square footage of your home.

8.   Window Treatments – The sub-tropical climate of Houston sends our power bills skyrocketing every summer.  The sun’s rays also create havoc on the fabric of our drapery treatments, whether through fading or through fiber erosion.  Invest in drapery treatments to act as a barrier between your power bill and the heat of the summer.  Simple renovations are panel rotations and regular cleaning of the drapery treatments.

9.   Kid’s Bedrooms – Always a popular project, help your child’s room grow and reflect their personality and needs as they themselves grow.

10. Master Bedrooms – Usually the last project for most people, it can be one of the most beneficial to your sanity and even your marriage!

If you are in the Houston area, we’d love to talk with you about areas in your home that need some attention. Whether you use us or not, we would love it if you could share your before and after pictures from your remodel. We all love inspiration from others!

Luxury For The Home believes that true luxury is not about ostentation or expense.  It is about simplicity. Sanctuary. Comfort.  It’s the beauty that happens when everything, including you, has its own ideal space.

Are you ready to bring luxury into your home?  For more ideas sign up for our newsletter, or to schedule a consultation, please call me at 281-701-2461.

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