July 6, 2010

Luxury Living: Reclaimed Wood

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by Lauren Ballas, Leed A/P and  Leslie Hassler, Interior Designer

What can you do for wood that has lived many years before you and has waited for the moment when you decide to take it home?  Is there really beautifully unique wood that has meaning and can customize your home?  Yes, reclaimed wood has a story to tell and can make your space instantly come to life.  You can make your fireplace a conversation piece by adding reclaimed wood to the mantle.  Add detail to your existing ceiling and you will say “WOW” every time you walk into the room.

You will be blown away by how many detailed options and applications reclaimed wood has.  Really, the sky is the limit and no one project looks like the next.  In a Traditional home, adding a wood countertop will give your kitchen character and provide a durable workspace.   The contrast of smooth wearing and rough cracks makes me want to knead bread, adding to the surface’s character.  This countertop was created with antique timber from France, helping to complete the character of this kitchen.

Reclaimed Timber from France creates the prefect island countertop for these clients.

To give your Contemporary space a “lived in look” that so many of us are used to, add antique stair treads that will add a clean and bold element to your staircase.

Reclaimed Antique Stair Treads from Elmwood.

These are all simple reinterpretations for reclaimed wood, as the pieces basically retain their original shape.  But there are a few manufacturers who seem to live to reinterpret reclaimed wood.  One of my favorite lines is The Old Wood Co. The line carries everything from rustic wine tables, to sleek and refined contemporary pieces like this table.

The Woodie Collection of Tables from The Old Wood Co.

But to really bump the “eco” value of your reclaimed wood, search for local manufacturers.  One such craftsman in Houston is Bob Card with Greenwood Bay.  This is one of the pieces he created for New Living, a green building resource, also in Houston.

A platform bed crafted from Spalted Pecan by Greenwood Bay.

When you are working with the manufacturer make sure to ask if they have environmentally friendly finishes, stains, and adhesives to choose from.  They should also provide you will all the information about warranties, quality assurance, and project conditions.  Make sure you do your research on wood cleaners and restoration products so you can keep your reclaimed wood looking fabulous!!!  Who knows it may end up in someone’s interior in the future!

Luxury For The Home is a Houston Interior Design firm specializing in remodels, kitchens and bathrooms.  We bring the luxury of value and quality to your home through considered choices and with a new standard of customer service.  Contact me at 281-701-2461 to discuss your next project.

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