May 4, 2010

The Luxury of Time Off

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By Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

Well only rarely do I get time off from work and from being a Mom.  But that happened last week, thanks in part to my mother :), as my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Puerto Vallarta.  I think the PV may be my most favorite city I have visited in Mexico.  There is a slightly European feel to the city, walking is easy, everyone is fairly friendly.  During our visit, I had two revelations.

The first is that Puerto Vallarta is a city of textures and patterns, from the sidewalks to the river and everything in between.  The second revelation is that if you want to experience every sales technique in 3 days, PV is your city.  That’s not a knock at the town.  The people of PV work very hard, they know that their economy is supported heavily by tourism.  It just struck me how technically skilled they are at the art of sales.

But the textures of the city are really what would occupy my walks.  Take a look at these pictures.

The raining white flowers at Cafe Des Artiste. What a better way to celebrate your anniversary than to have a lovely meal outdoors while white flowers fall from the sky?

I loved the combination of green and yellow. The colors are bright and abstract all at the same time.

A view of balconies off the River Cuale. The patterning to the open tile walls changed every unit or two, creating a patchwork quilt effect. Quite the contrast to the "Cookie Cutter" approach of building.

While enjoying an ice cream cone along the Malecon, I marveled at the vibrancy created when the surf splashed along the stones.

The tile floor from the lobby of the hotel. PV stone work includes a variety of ways to incorporate pebbles (a local resource) into their floors. This pattern is probably the most popular pattern in PV.

Palm Tree bark. I kept trying to sketch the texture and variations that exist in a single truck of a Palm Tree.

Another photo from the restaurant. I loved the dappled leaves of this tree. It made for a gorgeous canopy these images and from the sketches of the city's ironwork.

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