February 17, 2010

The Luxury of a Greener Future

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by Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

I’ll be the first to admit it.  Green design hasn’t been the biggest focus for me.  Most of my conversations with other professionals based outside of Texas go a little like this –

” Well, we are really excited about the work we are doing within the green movement.  Is there a lot of interest in green design in Houston?”

Me: ” Umm, not really.  We incorporate low-VOC type products, but we don’t get asked about green design very often.”

So because I am like you, when I don’t have the direct need for information, I don’t seek it out.  But something has changed for me this year.  It seems that more and more of our family and friends have been diagnosed with a variety of ailments and cancers.  So in the back of my head, I’ve been thinking more about organic and unprocessed foods.  In fact, I have 5 vegetable (small ones) beds in my yard so that we can grow some of our own vegetables this summer. But I also have thought about our exposure to the multitude of chemicals in our lives, and how we might live a bit cleaner.

But perhaps one event that has lit a fire in my soul was a seminar I went to at New Living, at 6111 Kirby.

New Living

New Living at 6111 Kirby Dr, near Rice Village

So what makes this business different?  Number 1 – the people, Number 2 – the concept & Number 3 – the resources.

Let’s face it we all have a fair amount on our plates, so when someone is trying to make it easier for you, you take notice.  According to New Living’s website:

New Living is more than just a store. The idea behind what we are doing is to make the green building and green living movement accessible and affordable for everyone. We want New Living to be a community store that encourages new thinking, ideas, and helps foster a local green economy. We are open and look forward to the opportunity to listen and grow with Houston’s emerging green community.”

I’d have to say they are on track to fulfill that mission. The space has several work spaces, a great display system that explains the products, their eco-benefits and the investment level they require.  But more than that, they have prices across the spectrum, enabling you & me to find a product that also fits our budget.  The team at New Living has worked hard to also develop partnerships with installers who understand the products and their installation methods.

Let’s look at some of the products you can find here –

Solid Woven Bamboo

Solid Woven Bamboo - Sahara, available through New Living

Doesn’t look like the bamboo you are used to? You’re right.  This is bamboo strands pressed together to create a softer look.  I love the versatility of this product.   I love bamboo floors anyways, but they create a linear, almost modern or contemporary feel; where as this is a product I could use for a variety of styles and homes.

3form Ecoresin Panels - Capiz Shell

New Living also carries the “Organic” line of ecoresin panels from 3form USA.  Just to be confusing, I am showing a style from the “Play” line because it was just too beautiful not to show.  The resin panels are comprised of recycled materials, along with other materials such as shells and grasses.  The uses for me extend past walls and cabinet doors, I can see end tables, backlit desks, coffee tables…oh the creativity that this product sparks.  As a side note, I just figured out that 3form also manufacturer the Wovin Wall, a lovely focus I spotted at the new STRATA Restaurant in Vintage Park

Bear Grass Light

Bear Grass Light, Organic Series by 3form USA, available through New Living

I am intrigued by how many Texas-based recycled products New Living has pulled together.  Not only is there a locally-produced cabinet line, but there is also a locally-produced countertops.  In fact, some of the recycled glass  in these countertops has been collected from the Houston area.  I find that many of my clients are interested in concrete countertops for their outdoor kitchens – this would be a great product to install for them.

Recycled Countertops

Recycled Countertops by Texstone, available through New Living

So, I’m excited to say the least and am looking for opportunities to bring these new ideas into my home and your home. How important will the green movement be to you this year?

Luxury For The Home believes that true luxury is not about ostentation or expense.  It is about simplicity. Sanctuary. Comfort.  It’s the beauty that happens when everything, including you, has its own ideal space.

Are you ready to bring luxury into your home?  For more ideas sign up for our newsletter, or to schedule a consultation, please call 281-701-2461.


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