February 10, 2010

The Luxury of Vintage Pieces

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By Leslie Hassler, Houston Interior Designer

Well the unit is just about complete and the open house is on Thursday.  My feet are exhausted, along with the rest of me. 🙂 But it has been an exciting challenge to install the unit so quickly.  It has also been fun to see all the other designers and their work.  Really, if you haven’t decided to come yet, you should.  There are 18 designers among the 6 units showcasing everything from Modern & Art Deco to Regency and Western – a feast for the eyes.

One of the last sponsors I wanted to share with you is Metro Retro, a retailer with an amazing inventory of vintage modern pieces.  You can also find them on 1st Dibs and Ebay.

So did you ever fall in love with a piece of furniture at first sight?  This chair was one of many loves for me.  The design is stellar, the finish is exquisite.  By Danish designer, Poul Jensen Selig, the Teak Z Lounge Chair is one of those designs that endure.  I really would love a pair of these.

Danish Poul Jensen Selig Teak Z Lounge Chair

Danish Poul Jensen Selig Teak Z Lounge Chair - Metro Retro

What about this beautiful credenza from Thomasville?  It is timeless and a great value, plus vintage furniture is a great way to make environmentally friendly choices. It has often been said that “Good design is timeless”.   Many of the pieces classified as Mid-Century Modern are the basis for so many designs in furniture today.  If you can have an original, why not?

Thomasville Buffet

Vintage Renzo Buffet - Metro Retro

Ok, a sneak peek to one of the pieces in our unit.  This slate blue suede settee is the perfect size for the breakfast area.  Our space is a bit challenging, only having 8′ in width to work with, so this small-scale piece foot the bill.  Since there is a dining room directly next to the breakfast area, we felt free to be more casual and playful with our table setting.

Vintage Settee

Vintage Italian Settee - Metro Retro

I do hope you make it to the Opening Night Party or the show, for ASID Showrise tickets, go here.

Luxury For The Home believes that true luxury is not about ostentation or expense.  It is about simplicity. Sanctuary. Comfort.  It’s the beauty that happens when everything, including you, has its own ideal space.

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