October 12, 2009

Art: The Luxury of Personal Expression

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By Leslie Hassler
I consider the selection of art to be one of the most personal decisions my clients can make.  Unless my clients are comfortable with making the decisions on which art to invest in, the decision of art can also be one of the most daunting.  But does it really need to be?  I do not believe that it has to be, but you do need to answer a few questions before you meet with a gallery, artist or art representative. There are so many ways you can choose to focus your art collection. 
What style of art are you most drawn to?

In the Park by Pamela Preciado. 9" x 1" Oil on Canvas.  Offered on www.discoveredartist.com

In the Park by Pamela Preciado. 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas. Offered on http://www.discoveredartist.com

  • Traditional
  • Modernist
  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic
What movement are you most drawn to?
  • Flemish
  • Renaissance
  • Impressionist
  • Cubist
  • Abstract
What art medium are you drawn to? 
  • Oil
  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Metal
  • Multi-medium
  • Stone
  • Bronze
What subject matter are you drawn to?
  • The list here is too long to even begin, but as you may have guessed, if you have an interest in it, there probably is a few artists that produce art in that subject matter.
  • Want to know what I’m drawn to? I love ink, charcoal, oils and bronzes.  Subjects? I love architectural/structural drawings, I love theme and variations, I love art that focuses on the deconstruction and reconstruction, I have a special place for spanish art and I love the quality of light of Flemish.  I love art that I understand the background of the piece, such as the art created as a conversation between Matisse and Picasso.  I do love Picasso, nor could I forget Gaudi.  Sorry spent a summer in Spain and it really influenced my tastes.

    Sagrada Statue by Alan Berkson.  12" x 18" Digital Print on Baryta Coated Paper, offered on www.discoveredartist.com

    Sagrada Statue by Alan Berkson. 12" x 18" Digital Print on Baryta Coated Paper, offered on http://www.discoveredartist.com

Once you’ve made those decisions to focus your interest your designer or dealer can show you a world of choices.  Your relationship with your designer/dealer is a crucial one.  While your artwork can be completed and installed in a matter of months, don’t be afraid to make it a journey.
So where do you go from here?
  1. Start attending art gallery shows in your city, use online resources for directories, Art Dealers Association of America (http://www.artdealers.org/members.location.html), many art galleries and artists have websites, allowing you more closely follow your favorites. One website I have become familiar with is www.discoveredartists.com. I love how simple their navigation is.  As I have mentioned here, you can search by style, subject or medium with so many options, it is mind numbing. Check out their blog http://discoveredartists.wordpress.com/ – they are great at highlighting their artists and the stories behind the art.
  2. Know that there are also art offered at different levels, accommodating almost any budget.  Originals represent the highest quality and are the most likely to improve in value.  Giclees offer more affordability than originals.  They are generally produced in a limited quantity and are typically printed on canvas.  Even within this level of art you will find giclees that have additional touches personally added by the artist, to ones just signed and numbered by the artist, to some with no alterations.  These may also be offered in a variety of sizes, again allowing your more flexibility.
  3. Which ever way you decided to go –  invest in art that speaks to you and represents the best you can afford.
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