September 30, 2009

The Quest for Quality

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I began receiving the J. Peterman catalog after reading about it in a Dan Kennedy book.  I love to linger over the catalog because of the content.  The copy is wonderfully written, enveloping you in a story about a shirt, coat or bag.  The catalog gives life to its products, just as we give life to our client’s home.  This arrived in my email this morning and made me chuckle – so for a quick share…  I especially like the last line.  I think I’ll adopt it –

“We are now in an epic battle against all things mediocre in your home!”



Jonathan Sexton
Director of Marketing
The. J. Peterman Company
(859) 254-0779


LEXINGTON, KY – Sep. 30, 2009 – In a recent press conference, J. Peterman addressed rumors about the company’s role in “single-handedly managing to turn the economy around.”

According to recent indicators, the market is hitting an uptick and at least one economist who preferred not to be quoted, said that he could not rule out a renewed public interest in unique, quality goods.

Peterman denied any wrongdoing on this account. “[The economy] is what it is. Our customers are smart people who like interesting stuff… If they like it, they buy.”

When asked if he had ever monkeyed with pricing in an attempt to move the market, Peterman initially replied, “Never.” Then, after a brief word with someone nearby, he mentioned something about a secret web-only code that could “possibly fall under that category.”

About the company: J. Peterman has been in an epic battle against all things mediocre since he started the company in 1987 and began traveling the world to find uncommonly good things.

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