September 20, 2009

The Luxury of Mirrors

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By Leslie Hassler
Mirrors are one of those staple items in each and every home.  The challenge in using them is selecting one that is unique and supports the style of the home.  The next challenge for most people is how, when and where to use them. 
Mirrors should be placed with a specific purpose in a room.  Is your small scale room claustrophobic?  The a large mirror can make the small space feel expansive. Does your room have an awkward niche, or is it lacking windows and natural light? A purposefully placed mirror will divert the eye and provide reflection of natural light. 
I often see mirrors placed above fireplaces, which in itself is fine, but what I find troublesome is what the mirror is reflecting, often times, it is a ceiling fan, or a plain ceiling.  When the reflection is devoid of interest, the use of the mirror has failed.  So when you place mirrors, do it with purpose, consider the reflection, and make it a luxurious one.
APF Group Mirror

APF Group Mirror

The full-wall mirror used in this narrow dining room adds depth and dimension to the room.  Even with a table full of guests, the space feels expansive and inviting.  I love that the gold frame on this mirror is the accent color in the space.  If the frame had been one of the darker colors present in the room, the expansiveness create by the mirror would have been too defined.
Ritz Carlton, Florida.  Designed by Avery Brooks.

APF Group Mirror - Ritz Carlton, Florida. Designed by Avery Brooks.

 This is a spectacular example of a use of a mirror.  The scale works well with the over-scaled fireplace and mantle.  Even though it is large, it blends into the room, almost acting as a window.  The attempt to blend this mirror into the space can be seen in the treatment of the narrow mirror frame.  I can’t be quite sure, but it seems that the frame repeats the wallpaper pattern on the wall.  This is one room that a visitor wouldn’t really be sure that it was a mirror at first glance.

Sitting Area in Master Bedroom.  Interior Design by Stacy Lapuk.

Sitting Area in Master Bedroom. Interior Design by Stacy Lapuk.

I found this to be another great use of a mirror. The Interior Designer, Stacy Lapuk, made the most of this little nook by installing a mirror that nearly fills this small wall.  The reflection of a beautiful master bedroom, crystal chandelier and a large window magnify the natural light in this corner.  She also has created beautiful reflections with the tailored back of the chaise and ormolu accent table.  A joy to the eye, no matter what way you look it.
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