July 9, 2009

The Luxury of the Moon

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A few posts were fluttering around twitter yesterday regarding the moon. One was a beautiful shot of one from my friend @maybellinete of the moon over a body or water. It occurred to me that I had not seen the moon in a while. Not intentionally, just hadn’t stop to notice. Then another post from @CatherineGrison comes along about the Full Moon (last night) with a vlog from a Feng Shui practitioner in San Francisco touting the Yin properties of the moon (http://www.frenchshuicafe.com/). So I decided why not, I could use a bit more Yin. I went out early, around 9, and there was no moon to be seen. I thought that was strange. But it turns out the moon was not due to rise until 10pm. So I waited until 10:30 pm to go out and look for it. There was no doubt of it’s location, as its glare forced its way through the trees. It turns out that the moon had a 97% illuminant last night (never knew they rated those things). I was absolutely beautiful, like a beacon and a mirror all at once. I had to stop and give thanks just for the beauty of it all. I watched it rise for quite a while, and yes even did the Feng Shui ritual. Why not? I was there, and like I said, felt like I could use some Yin. In case you missed it, here are some photos (and no, I’m not a professional, so excuse the lack of focus in a few) – Enjoy – 😉



  1. CatherineGrison said,

    Bonjour Leslie! I am glad my vlog inspired you to bathe in the Moon light. Your pictures are gorgeous! The Moon has definitely a powerful energy and being more connected to its cycles can actually help you center and get more out of your daily life. I will follow you on Twitter and keep an eye on your blog! Au revoir!

  2. Maybelline said,

    Gorgeous photos Leslie!! How special that you were able to capture the moon in its full glory for everyone to see. Most importantly, how wonderful for you to soak up all its amazing energy.

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